Staff Contact Information

               Sussex Academy Staff

Eric Anderson – Head of School
Duncan Smith – Chief Operating Officer
Janet Owens – Dean of Instruction- Humanities
Thomas Peet – Dean of Instruction – STEM
Steve Bastianelli – Director of Athletics
Gina Derrickson – Director of Development
Franny Silcott – Director of Human Resources
Terry Allen – School Secretary
Andi Davis – Financial Secretary/Food Service Manager
Andrea Rogers – Records Secretary
Marilou Conlin – School Nurse
Iliana Gonzalez – Cafeteria Manager
Mark Albert – Constable


               Sussex Academy Faculty

Bates, Alyson
Birl, Gerald
Bobby, Erin
Bowe, Josh
Costa, Carla
Couch, Jennifer                           
Criniti, Greg                                 
Crum, Clayton                             
DeShazo, Lisa                              
Davis, Brandon
Doakes, Arthur
Elmer, Tim                                  
English, Jon                                  
Fees, Debbie
Foley, Heather                             
Frankum, Andy                             
Frankum, Rebecca                        
Halter, Tim                                 
Hartsoe, Stephanie                      
Hete, Mindy                                
Hugues, Karen                             
Hutton, Catherine                      
Hvorecny, Lauren                       
Kay, Kathy                                  
Leonard, Jennifer                       
Lough, Deanna                            
Lupinetti, Alyssa                         
Maggioli, Elaine                          
Marine, Colin                              
Marotta, Mike
Marshall, Jaime                          
McCormick, Shari                    
McLaughlin, Maureen                  
Messina, Sara                              
Mews, Sharon                            
Moore, Heather                          
Norton, Caron                            
Novak, Chris                              
Oliver, Matthew                         
Oscar, Steve                              
Raschdorf, Kimberly                  
Roberts, Kathy                          
Scannell, Bob                            
Schaefer, Michael                      
Schlegel, Judy                          
Sherman, Stephanie                  
Short, Caitlyn                           
Smith, Cameron                        
Smith, Cindy                            
Stanton, Robyn
Swingle, Lisa                           
Willey, Karen                          


























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