Letter from the Board

It is our distinct pleasure to welcome you to the Sussex Academy. As a Board comprised of parents, educators, business and health care leaders, we intend to create a dynamic educational environment that lends itself to an open, caring, and stimulating learning experience for every student.

The Sussex Academy is the first, and only, Charter School in Sussex County, and as a result we are forging new educational territory each day. With that end in mind, it is critical to remain focused on our mission of providing a quality education for the middle school student in a small class environment, coupled with many opportunities for exploring pathways of learning to connect theory with practical concepts.

Our goal is to prepare each student for the challenges of his or her high school years through a participative and inclusive curriculum, as well as meet high standards in academics and behavior. It is imperative that our goals become your goals as well. We will do our best to meet each student’s needs and in turn, expect you to help your student(s) excel at the Sussex Academy.

We view our relationship with you as partners in supporting the mission of this school and working with us to provide the best possible educational experience for your student. Thank you for giving this document serious consideration and most importantly, for giving your student a unique opportunity to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.

Board of Directors
Sussex Academy

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