Elementary School Handbook, Forms, and Other Info

Elementary Activity Fee 2023- 20234

$185 (checks payable to Sussex Academy)

Due by September 30

Covers: Technology Fee, Yearbook, Agendas, End-of-year Activities, Rewards, and Classroom Materials


If you are sending treats in for the class, please make sure the treats are pre-packaged and made in a peanut and treenut-free facility. We cannot accept homemade treats or Dunkin Donuts anymore, as we cannot guarantee those were made in nut-free facilities. Additionally, teachers cannot give out addresses/parent contacts for birthday invites. If you have invites that need to be passed out, please send them in to the teacher (contact the teacher first so they are aware), and make sure your child gives the teacher the invites so they can discretely be put in student folders.  

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