Elementary Lunch And Breakfast

Elementary Lunch Guidelines:

We do not have a cafeteria.

We eat in our homeroom or picnic outside.

Cleaning is a priority at all times.

Meals – Students may either pack their breakfast/lunch or buy them through the school. We have partnered with Lighthouse Catering as our meal vendor for this school year. Lighthouse Catering is a locally-based food provider with almost 40 years of catering experience. Sussex Academy will be working closely with Lighthouse to provide a customized menu.

Meal prices are $1.25 for Breakfast and $5.00 for Lunch.

Lunch options when you order on Lunchworks will include a vegan option.

Ice cream will be sold on Fridays.

Mrs. Terry Allen (terry.allen@saas.k12.de.us) handles all details regarding ordering and collecting monies for the daily meal program.

Meal orders are to be placed through Lunch Works, an online ordering and payment service linked to the school’s website. Parents will need an account with Lunch Works to place orders. (If you ordered meals in the past, your account remains active and you do not need to set it up again.) This year, meal orders will be placed on a weekly basis with all orders due by Wednesday evening for the following week.

Applications for Free/Reduced Status – Applications are available for those families who believe that they qualify within the financial guidelines. A family’s Free-Reduced Status is applicable to more than the meal program; approved families become eligible for other benefits (reduced or free activity fees; access to the Food Pantry; etc.) If you believe you qualify, please access the application from our website https://www.sussexacademy.org/general-information/forms/ or call the office (856-3636) to request one.

If you do not have a Lunch Works account please create one for efficient ordering.

Go to http://www.orderhotlunch.com/DE/Georgetown/SussexAcademy/ to place an order. This link is also available on the Sussex Academy web page. If you haven’t already set up your account, you will need to do so before you place an order. See the information below on how to set up an account and place an order. If you are having a problem with logging in or don't know your login information, please contact me. Do not set up another account.

Important Ordering Information:

Everyone who wants to order breakfasts/lunches MUST have an account through Lunch Works.

Use the link http://www.orderhotlunch.com/DE/Georgetown/SussexAcademy/ to set up an account. Once your account has been set up, it will need to be approved before placing orders. This could take up to a day to be completed, so keep this under consideration so that you will be able to process your order prior to the deadline. The initial set-up will only have to be done once. Please make sure to use your child’s official name, as we have them in our system that way, and we may not know him/her by a nickname. Accounts are being approved several times each day. You will not receive an e-mail when that has been done. You will need to log back into your account to check. Again, this will only have to be done once to get set up in the system. If you have ordered or purchased any time in the last year, you do not need to complete this step again. If you are not sure if you have an account, please contact me.

Once your account has been approved, you will log in using the same link as above. For lunches, you have the option of purchasing a double lunch, which would be double the cost. If you have qualified for free or reduced lunches, and you wish to get a double lunch, the second lunch will be charged at full price. Make sure to save your choices. You will then click on the “check out” button at the top. You will have the option to pay by check/cash, and then send payment to the school, or to pay by credit or debit online. If you choose to pay by either credit or debit card, select the credit button at “check out”. (Note - You need to check out even if you qualify for free lunches. The balance owed will show up as "0.00".) You can make changes to your order anytime prior to the deadline. After that, no additional changes can be made.

If you are in need of special allergy-free or vegetarian meals, please contact me. A letter from a physician will be required. Allergy and nutrition information can be provided upon request.

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