High School Summer Assignments

Sussex Academy provides students from grades 6 through 12 with meaningful summer work in order to continue and further one’s education despite the longer break. Please locate the required summer work from the list below. Click on each of the links to open the assignment. Math assignments are course-specific and not listed by grade. If you are enrolled in a specific math course, please find that course and complete the work. If you do not see your course, then there is no assigned summer mathematics work to do.

Should you have specific questions about any assignment, feel free to email the teacher. While responses may be delayed due to vacations, etc., every attempt will be made to contact you in a timely manner.


IB Courses  

SUMMER 2021                                        

AP Biology https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HaBfnb4dIP3DABgIi3Udojq0MO7eoUUc/view?usp=sharing

AP U.S. History Summer Work

IB History HL Year 1 Summer Assignment-1

IB History HL Year 2 Summer Assignment-1

IB Year 2 DP students – -Make Revisions to Extended Essay Draft

IB Literature HL Year 1 Summer Assignment 2021

IB Literature HL Year 2 -finalize the HL Essay for submission to the IB (supporting documents, formatting, and submission instructions can be found in Resources in the Schoology Group for IB Lit)




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