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GRADE 6 for school year 2019-20


  • Fourth Marking Period – Fourth marking period final grades will be calculated as follows:

          33.3% Zoom attendance, 33.3% Formative assignments and 33.3% Summative assignments.

         Passing is 80% and over

  • Community Service Log- DUE MAY 20th

PARENTS: We will update our Sussex Academy HW page twice a week – Monday morning by 10 AM and Wednesdays by noon. Continue to check your child’s Schoology account as individual reminders/emails are being sent about missing/re-submitting assignments. Please email Mrs. Marshall, Mrs. Maggioli or Mrs. McLaughlin if you need login information for Math/Pearson Realize, Science/TCI or Schoology. 


Use the form on the right to contact teachers by email

Community Service Letter

Community Service Log

Summit Silvers (Everest) – Bird Bills (Phoenix) — Star Bucks (Fusion) and SAAS Cash (Middle School admin): What are they? They are the rewards for our incentive program. Students can earn them in many ways including Honor Roll status, good deeds, collecting recyclable ink cartridges from printers, Box Tops as well as other incentives. Students can spend them throughout the year or hold on to them for our annual End of Year Auction.

To view student grades in all classes, click on Home Access if you need help or reminders, there is a guide in the left-hand column or email one of the teachers.   Home Access Center

Student PE (Gym) schedule.

If you have:   Intro to Technology (Mr. Crum) = Gym on MONDAY

                         Spanish (Ms. Short) = Gym on TUESDAY

                        STEM in Comp Sci (Mr. Marotta) = Gym on WEDNESDAY

                        Performing Arts (Mr. Birl) = Gym on THURSDAY

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