New Attendance Procedure

A message from SUSSEX ACADEMY

Dear Parents/Guardians,

With the new school year fast approaching, we have created an email account specific for attendance and early dismissals. We ask that you use this account to alleviate overcrowding of students in the lobby dropping off notes. Handwritten absence notes will no longer be accepted at the Main Office.

Rather than bringing in a physical note, should you have a child absent, please email their absent note to the below address. If you have a doctor’s note, please send that via email as well.

Please put the students name and grade level in the Subject Line. In the body of the letter, please include the date of absence and reason for absence. Please do this whether your child is Hybrid or Full Remote, as we will be taking attendance for each class period, whether in person or virtual, and it will be recorded on their school record.

The email is

Should you have any questions, you may contact the school at 302-856-3636 for Middle and High School students and 302-856-3300 for Elementary School Students.

Thank you.

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