The Sussex Academy provides and maintains an extensive extracurricular program for its students.

At the beginning of each school year, middle school students select a club in which to participate. Their clubs meets twice monthly during the school day. Middle school club topics range from Disney Club to Sports Talk to crafts to recess games. Most clubs are established for social and play exchange among the students. In the high school clubs are determined by student interest. Most high school clubs are initiated by the students and have a service or academic focus.

National Honor Society is an organization to which academically eligible students may apply for membership after their first year at SAHS. Members participate in service projects such as peer tutoring and fundraisers and in chapter projects as well. Members are expected to abide by the ideals of scholarship, leadership, service, and character as outlined by the National organization.  Minimum academic qualifications to gain membership are a 3.5 cumulative weighted GPA plus no grade less than an 85% on the current year’s report card.  Students who meet these academic standards anytime in 10th grade or beyond are invited to apply; they then must also demonstrate leadership, service, and character.  Induction of new members will usually be held in the spring.  A 3.5 cumulative weighted GPA, effective with the class of 2021, along documentation of continued service and chapter participation are required to maintain a membership in good standing.

Sussex Academy Theatre Program produces between 3-5 productions each year, including plays and musicals. At least one of these productions is a Middle School production, and at least one of these productions is student-directed. Past Middle School productions include Into the Woods, The Little Mermaid, Annie, and Shrek: The Musical. Past High School productions include The Crucible, Lend Me A Tenor, Legally Blonde: The Musical, Beauty and the Beast, and, most recently, Fiddler on the Roof. Past student-directed productions include The Wizard of Oz, and Get Smart.

LEO Club provides students the opportunity to develop leadership skills while helping their local communities by making a positive impact. LEO club is a fun way to meet new friends and learn how to work together by developing and executing service projects. LEO members lead and organize each drive, idea, and meeting with the guidance and assistance of a supervising adult. Overall, the club strives to give back to our local communities, the military, and other organizations in need. Do you love to write? Join literary magazine where we will experiment with different types of creative writing such as short stories and poems. We will also write articles, movie/book/music reviews and more. Our magazine will include cartoons, student artwork and photography to support the writing. At the end of the year we will publish our magazine.

Odyssey of the Mind is an international creative problem solving program that engages students in their learning by allowing their knowledge and ideas to come to life in an exciting productive environment. Participants build confidence, develop life skills, create new friendships and are able to recognize and explore their true potential. Sussex Academy offers programs for Division 2 (6-8 grade) and Division 3 (9-12 grade) for the 5 problems: Vehicle, Technical, Classics, Balsa and Performance. OM Interest Meeting 2018-19

Technology Student Association (TSA) members compete against students from other high schools in a wide range of events like robotics, digital music production, promotional graphics, rocketry, T-Shirt design, fashion design, video production, structural engineering, CO2 cars, prepared presentations, debating technical issues, and many other STEM related events. TSA provides students opportunities to showcase their talents, build leadership skills, serve others, and meet other students who have similar interests. Students meet after school. An invitation to join TSA is sent to all high school students in September.

Mock Trial is open to high school students interested in a career in law. Students meet from November through February to prepare a case. They will compete in the State of Delaware Mock Trial Competition. Students learn court procedures and processes as well as the role of the prosecution and defense in a civil or criminal trial.

Student Government Association– grades 9-12. Students elect a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer, and each homeroom elects a representative. Students meet to discuss issues and plan events to promote a positive school climate. Past events have included pep rallies, spirit week activities, dances and fundraising.

Literary Magazine Club members experiment with different types of creative writing such as short stories and poems. They also write articles, movie/book/music reviews and more. The magazine includes cartoons, student artwork and photography to support the writing. At the end of the year the magazine is published.

Chorus meets weekly after school to prepare for winter and spring concerts. Emphasis is placed on correct vocal production in a variety of musical styles. Students are prepared and encouraged to audition for state music festivals.

Band meets weekly after school to prepare for winter and spring concerts. More advanced music is learned to cultivate the continued appreciation of music in older students. Students are encouraged to audition for county and state music festivals.

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