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SAAC Swim Lesson Announcements

6.30.20- Private lessons are available. Please send your contact information to Lydia A. Schmierer via email: lessons@sussexacademy.org

Private Swim Lesson Form: CLICK HERE

About SAAC Swim Lessons

There are several different levels of swim lessons provided at SAAC. Each lesson is 30 minutes in length. Lesson sessions are held 4 times a year, check session dates on the registration form. Maximum class size is typically 6 participants. We reserve the right to cancel any classes with only 3 or less participants. There will be no makeup lessons for absences.

*Terms and Conditions*

Please check our website and your email to see if there have been any changes to your lessons due to class size, inclement weather or any other last minute changes. SAAC will scheduled lesson dates and time. Once  the schedule is confirmed, payment in full is required to complete the registration process. Please report 5 minutes before the lesson is scheduled to begin. If arriving more than 15 minutes after the scheduled lesson, this will be considered a “NO Show” and will result in forfeiture of payment made. For private swim lessons the client must notify SAAC via phone or email at least 24 hours prior to the lesson time. One swimmer per lesson is recommended. If two swimmers share the same lesson it is required that they be at the same swim level.

Click HERE for a description of the different types of lessons or read below.


GROUP SWIM LESSON INFO ( none are offered at this time)

Description of Levels and Skills:

MOMMY/DADDY & ME (6 months-3 years)

In this interactive lesson, parents (or another adult) is in the water with the child. An instructor is also in the water to help the parents teach basic water skills to their child. Through songs and play, children build a positive relationship with water.


Limited to preschool age children, this instruction introduces water safety and basic swimming skills with the objective of helping student feel comfortable in the water and to be safe in and around the water.

Skills developed: Entering and exiting the water, submersion, front & back float, recovering to a stand and reversing the direction and swim (paddle) on their front (5 yards.)

YOUTH  BEGINNER (Age 6 & older)

Tailored to children who are not fully comfortable in the water AND have not mastered the front & back float.

Skills developed: Submersion, front & back float, recover to stand and swim (paddle) on front (10 yards.)


Tailored for students who ARE comfortable in the water, have mastered the front & back float and are ready to develop the fundamentals of the front & back crawl and breaststroke kick.

Skills developed: Treading water, front & back glide, swim front crawl & back crawl and rhythmic breathing (building to 25 yards each.) Breast stroke kick. Compact dive (from kneeling position.)


Intended for students who have mastered the fundamental swimming skills from Level III and are ready to develop front/back crawl and breast stroke (25 yards), and butterfly kick (15 yards.) Open turns.

Skills developed: Treading water, freestyle with rotary breathing, back crawl, breaststroke (building to 25 yards


Participants should be able to perform all of the four competitive strokes (free, back, breast and butterfly.)

Skills developed:Student will increase endurance up to 150 yards of any stroke or combination of strokes. Front and back crawl  (50 yards) with flip turns, breaststroke (50 yards,) elementary backstroke, dolphin kick, butterfly (25 yards) and will learn to master competitive starts and turns. Fees:  See registration form for dates of sessions and rates.


Private Lessons/Adult Group Lesson Description

Adult and Youth Private Lessons are available for one-on-one learning with an available instructor. These lessons are scheduled between the instructor and participant and are 30 minutes in length. Any age is welcome. Please fill out the form in the link provided below. We will contact you with further information if you are interested in setting up private lessons once the form is complete. (There is a discount if you are an annual member!)

Please email the Printable registration form (If you would prefer to handwrite it) which will begin the scheduling process to Lydia at saaclessons@gmail.com

Private Swim Lesson Registration Link (Printable Version)


Please fill out the Digital registration form to begin the scheduling process for private lessons which will be sent directly to Saaclessons@gmail.com. 

Private Swim Lesson Registration Link (Digital)

PRIVATE LESSONS (sold in sets of six 30 minute lessons)

Designed to help an individual, regardless of age, to be prepared for safe stages of learning in the water.  Our professional and courteous instructors will help all ages of participants to learn, or relearn swim basics (water acclimation, water movement, water stamina), stroke introduction, stroke development and stroke mechanics.

Fees:  $180


It is never too late to learn to love the water. Adult group swim lessons are now being offered at SAAC.

Self-paced learning by a certified Water Safety Instructor.

Class Times:   TBD

Fees:$12 per lesson/ Annual Members FREE

 Please note that ALL registrations are not secured unless payment is complete.


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