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Updated: 10/23/2020

AQUATIC CENTER UPDATE –                                                                                                                     

SAAC will be operating in accordance with the Delaware Division of Public Health (“DPH”) guidance regarding COVID-19 pool operations.

Hours of Operation 

Monday-Thursday         6:00-8:00am             8:30-11:30am            12:00-3:00pm

Friday                                6:00-8:00am              8:30-11:30am            12:00-2:00pm

Saturday                           6:00-8:00am              8:30am-12:30pm

Sunday                             Closed

The Delaware Department of Health and Social Services’ Division of Public Health has requested that we provide you information regarding practices related to COVID-19.

We request that participants and/or their families complete a health assessment consisting of a self-screening every day prior to coming to SAAC.

Please answer the following questions:

  • In the past 14 days, have you been near (within 6 feet for at least 15 minutes) a person who has a lab-confirmed case of COVID-19, or have you had direct contact with their mucus or saliva?
  • In the last 48 hours, have you had any of the following symptoms?

o Fever of 100.4 F or above (or symptoms like alternating shivering and sweating)

o New cough
o New trouble breathing, shortness of breath or severe wheezing o New chills or shaking with chills
o New muscle aches
o Sore throat
o Vomiting or diarrhea
o New loss of smell or taste, or a change in taste
o Nausea
o Fatigue

o Headache, congestion or runny nose (with no known other cause such as allergies)

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, please stay home.

 (This screening tool was adapted from the Mayo Clinic’s online COVID-19 Self- Assessment. To use the Mayo Clinic’s tool online, visit https:// self-assessment-tool )


Important Reminders-

  • Masks MUST be worn at ALL times unless in the water. DO NOT remove your mask until you are entering the water and put it back on as soon as you exit the water. Masks must cover your nose and mouth. Bandanas are not acceptable as a mask.
  • Arrive no more than 10 minutes prior to scheduled time. Check lane assignment. It is critical you use the lane assigned to you. Not only are we fully booked at times, but several members have mobility issues and require specific lanes.
  • Swipe your key fob and check-in with member service every visit. This is a Covid requirement. Stop by the office if you do not have a key fob.
  • PLEASE come dressed in your bathing suit. The locker rooms are available for changing (trial basis), but NO showers or locker use.
  • Member Service can assist you with where to place your belongings while you are in the pool. SPREAD OUT PLEASE J

Guidelines for CHANGING ROOMS: Open on a trial basis.

1. MASK ON! Dry off on the pool deck as much as possible to limit wet floors.       Bathrooms are limited to 1 family/person at a time. NO changing is allowed. 

2. Maximum capacity is #8. When capacity is reached you must wait in the lobby until there is a space available. Social distancing is MANDATORY. Masks must be worn at all times!

3. Please come to SAAC dressed in your suit and take all belongings to the pool deck.

4. The CHANGING ROOM is only available for adults for changing after pool use. NO lessons or swim teams.

5. Place a towel underneath you when using benches and NO powder please.

6. Be mindful of other members who are waiting.

SAAC will revoke changing room privileges if guidelines are not followed


·      Monthly members are responsible for timely payments. If your membership payment is not received by the 10th of the month, a $25 late fee will be assessed. Avoid the late fee by signing up for automatic monthly billing.

·      Parking: School Busses will be here 7:45-8:10a and 2:30-3:10pm. During these times please do not park in spaces closest to SAAC. Busses need clearance to load and unload students.

·      Del Dot will begin reworking intersection at the traffic light. Details TBD.


  • Annual & monthly members can reserve lap swim for an entire month in advance if your account is current.
  • If you are a monthly member, it is your responsibility to make timely payments. As of September 1st, a $25 late fee will be charged for any membership that is paid after the 10th of the month. To avoid a late fee, just sign up for automatic billing with member service. Billing will be on the first Monday of each month.
  • Punch cards purchased prior to Covid Shutdown (March 13, 2020) expired September 30th. As of June 29th reopening- SAAC is no longer offering punch cards or drop-ins.

 Program Offerings- Aqua Fitness Schedule is available on the website

Reserve your time in the pool by email ( or call the Aquatic Center. Please specify if you are lap swimming or self-guided water exercise. We will do our best to accommodate special requests, but there is NEVER a guarantee of your own lane. Any requests received after business hours will be confirmed the next business day.

Lap Swimming- Reserve up to an hour, 3x per week. Reservations are made on the hour (6-8a & 12-3p) on the half-hour (8:30-11:30a). Two swimmers are permitted per lane with entry, exit, and rests on opposite ends of the pool. Lanes are assigned by member service.

Self-Guided Water Exercise- Reserve up to an hour, 3x per week. Two people per lane.

Aqua Fitness Classes Register for all your classes with a SAAC Member Service Staff. Participants are required to space 6 ft. apart.

Private & Semi-Private Swim Lessons, Personal Training– Email for information.                              

There are NO family/open swim available or guests until further notice.

 SAAC’S goal is to maintain the safety and health of our staff and members so we may remain open.

Contact Lydia A. Schmierer with any questions. Email:

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