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High School Summer Assignments

Sussex Academy provides students from grades 6 through 12 with meaningful summer work in order to continue and further one's education despite the longer break. Please locate the required summer work from the list below. Click on each of the links to open the assignment. Math assignments are course-specific and not listed by grade. If you are enrolled in a specific math course, please find that course and complete the work. If you do not see your course, then there is no assigned summer mathematics work to do.

Should you have specific questions about any assignment, feel free to email the teacher. While responses may be delayed due to vacations, etc., every attempt will be made to contact you in a timely manner.

Math Courses

Algebra 1

Algebra 2


Honors Courses

Grade 9

Honors English 9

Grade 10

Honors English 10

Honors Biology

Honors Spanish II

Grade 11 

Honors Literature 11

Honors U.S. History

Spanish III & IV

Grade 12 

Honors Literature 12

Spanish III & IV

IB Courses                                                            

Grade 11 IB Diploma Programme

IB Design Tech

IB Chemistry Book Textbook (1.1)

IB Chemisty SL Year 1

IB Math SL Year I

IB History of the Americas HL Year l

IB Literature HL Year l

IB Math HL Year I

Grade 12 IB Diploma Programme

IB Chemisty SL Year 2

IB Math SL Year II

IB Design Tech Year II

IB History of the Americas HL Year II

IB Math HL Year II

IB Spanish - Class of 2018 HL/SL


Our Goals


Maintain high academic performance

Foster critical, independent thinking and reflection

Ensure a safe, respectful school environment

Advocate personal growth and responsibility

Provide opportunities for individual and group success

Model and encourage collaborative decision making

Facilitate ongoing professional development

Encourage parental involvement and partnerships

Promote service and community partnerships

Instill environmental awareness and social consciousness

Develop technological competence