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The Sussex Academy provides and maintains an extensive extracurricular program for its students.

At the beginning of each school year, middle school students select a club in which to participate.  Their clubs meets twice monthly during the school day.  Middle school club topics range from playdough to chess to crafts to recess games.  So most clubs are established for social and play exchange among the students.  In the high school clubs are determined by student interest.  Most high school clubs are initiated by the students and have a service or academic focus.

Both interscholastic and intramural sports programs are also available to the students of the Sussex Academy. Our students compete with other schools in Delaware in soccer, field hockey, volleyball, basketball, swimming, golf, lacrosse, softball, baseball, cross country.

Interested students are also welcome to take part in our performing arts program that includes band, chorus, and drama.

Additionally, the Sussex Academy has numerous opportunities for students interested in interscholastic academic competitions such as Geography Bee, Odyssey of the Mind, Science Olympiad, and Math League.

Our Goals


Maintain high academic performance

Foster critical, independent thinking and reflection

Ensure a safe, respectful school environment

Advocate personal growth and responsibility

Provide opportunities for individual and group success

Model and encourage collaborative decision making

Facilitate ongoing professional development

Encourage parental involvement and partnerships

Promote service and community partnerships

Instill environmental awareness and social consciousness

Develop technological competence